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You can download the latest releases from here:


In order for the setup of nxmBackup to be carried out successfully, the following software components must be installed manually in advance:

  • HyperV server role
  • .Net Framework 4.7.1

For further system requirements see System requirements.

Installing nxmBackup

Setup needs to be run with rights of a local system administrator account. These rights are automatically requested when the setup starts. The setup does not necessarily have to be started as an administrator.

  • Start the setup on the local server on which the virtual machines to be backed up are located
  • In the following window, please read the license agreement and agree to it if necessary

  • Next, the path in which nxmBackup should be installed to must be set. Caution: It is strongly recommended not to change this path.

  • In the last step you have to choose whether a desktop icon should be created after the successful setup. It is recommended to set this option.

The setup will now take a few minutes, depending on system performance. It will also automatically install some additional dependencies. For more information see System requirements. After completing the setup, nxmBackup can be opened via the desktop link that may have been created. When no desktop link got created you can open the user interface by opening http://localhost:8008

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